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Expectations of Leaders

  • Daily time of prayer and Bible Study

  • Commitment to Christ and the local church

  • Submit to NCL elders

  • Watch or read Undercover by John Bevere

  • Watch or read The Blessed Life by Robert Morris

  • Watch or read The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris

What you can expect of us:

We believe you should expect your church to:

  • Teach the rights and responsibilities of the believers in Christ.

  • Teach you how to understand and follow the leading of Holy Spirit.

  • Teach you to recognize your gifting and calling.

  • Educate you on Biblical principles regarding the family structure and expect the church to support each member of the family in fulfilling their role.

  • Reveal to you the truths about how to relate to God, other believers in the church, a place of ministry within the local body, and a life of service in the world.

  • Enlighten you about the principles of giving and living a blessed and abundant life in Christ. 

  • Faithfully steward the monies you give by following the same tithing principles taught to you.

  • We look forward to a long and happy relationship with each of you.

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