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Our Worship


At New Covenant Life, we strive for our worship to be a blend of intense joyous praise and intimate heartfelt worship. Our worship is biblically based and includes contemporary music as well as drawing from our rich Christian heritage of songs and hymns.

Biblical Expressions of Worship

  • Lifting of hands (Psalm 134:2)     

  • Clapping of hands (Psalm 147:1)

  • Standing (Psalm 134:1)

  • Shouting (Psalm 47:1)

  • Musical instruments (2 Samuel 6:5)

  • Dancing (Psalm 149:3)

  • Kneeling (Psalm 95:6)

  • Singing/Praying in the Holy Spirit   (1 Cor 14:15)

  • Prophecy (Acts 2:17)

  • Laying prostrate (Psalm 38:6)  

Worship Pastor: Cody Mayo assisted by Barry Conditt

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